Celestial Impact


Shooter 3D featuirng a fully deformable landscape


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Celestial Impact is first person shooter 3D that takes place on an asteroid where you'll take part into a team based multiplayer battle..

Spectacular graphics and a good music contribute to the success of this wonderful game. Celestial Impact will surprise you because once you are playing and firing your arsenal you can destroy the full scenario.

Celestial Impact offers three modes: Capture the crystal, deathmatch and crystal rounds. As you can see, the crystal substitutes the flag we usually battle for in other similar games.

While you play you can use a vast arsenal with different weapon, among them you'll find the Dirtgun, a weapon that can create or destroy terrain.

If you want to enjoy a good game for free, Celestial Impact can be a really good choice. I highly recommend you to download and enter this galactic battle.
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